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Gusto ko din ng mga anon haters :)))))

Project in Physics

equilibrium is the state of balance between opposing forces or effects, the system involved undergoing no total change. the bell hanging from the sealing is an example of static equilibrium means that an object or body is at rest. the bell is kept balanced by the string. the string keeps or is carrying all the weight. if the bell is moved then it is no longer called as static equilibrium but rather as dynamic equilibrium where the body or object is in uniform motion. the hanging bell’s center of gravity or the pivot point is on the tip of the string where the bell hangs.

dropping a key is a form of acceleration due to gravity. Galileo concluded that all objects on earth in the absence of air resistance would fall with the same constant acceleration due to gravity. the falling key is also called falling motion; a well-known case of objects being subjected to a uniform acceleration is when they are released; example: dropping. the velocity of the falling keys increases every second by an amount of 9.8 m/sec (32.2ft/sec). the acceleration of gravitational force is in fact not a constant, but up to an altitude of 30km (19mi)the deviations of this value are less than 1%. an object that is thrown horizontally will move uniformly in a straight line across the Earth’s surface and at the same time will undergo the accelerating falling motion caused by gravity. the actual motion resulting from these two motions is then no longer a straight line; and the object will traverse increasingly greater distances downward in proportion to forward; a parabolic trajectory is thus formed.

Iniiyakan ka rin ba niya?

Alam mo yung feeling na iniiyakan mo siya pero hindi niya alam? Ang harsh diba? Ganito kasi yan, may friend kasi ako na “in a relationship” tapos pinupuntahan niya sa room nila pag lunch or free time nila. Madalas kasi yung times na hindi siya pinapansin nung guy tapos mage-emote siya kasi daw hindi siya pinapansin or what. Tapos tatawagin niya ako para tawagin yung guy kasi  hindi nga siya pinapansin pag tinatawag siya, medyo nakakairita kasi yun sometimes kasi bakit mo siya hahabulin kung wala naman siyang pakialam? Bakit mo isisiksik ang sarili mo kung hindi ka naman kasya? Bakit mo siya iiyakan kung alam mo sa sarili mo na hindi ka din naman niya iniiyakan? Ang swerte naman niya may napapaiyak siyang babae. Ang point ko lang kasi dito, ang napakaliit na bagay hindi dapat iniiyakan, hindi naman laging ikaw ang nagaayos ng problema (kung may problema nga ba?). Hindi naman laging ikaw nalang ang naghahabol. Wag tayong pa-dominate sa mga partners natin. At lalong lalo na wag tayong pa-paawa. Ang pangit sa paningin ng ibang tao. 

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Nope. Why would I?